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A small town boy from Kansas…. Guthrie grew up in the very heart of the United States. Being involved in music since the age of 4, it’s no wonder he has music credibility world wide. “I just grew up loving music. My mom used to have my brothers and I sing in church. I started playing the drums at 6, from then on I just couldn’t get enough. I learned the guitar later on just so I could have something to sing and write with. Music was always such an amazing mystery to me. It can take you to a moment or spark a memory in an instant. It has the power to pull emotions and feelings out of me like few things can.” Now as a Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Blake had been turning heads since he began a full time music career in January of 2005. “By the time I graduated in 2002, I knew that there was nothing else I wanted to do than play my heart out for anyone who wanted to hear. Write songs of hope and love. Make a positive impact on those around me.” And that’s exactly what he does. The Passion that comes flowing from every heartfelt song is only maximized in a live setting. Blake is gearing up to release his 6th album. After the success of “Love in Different Lights” (2007: which was put together by Grammy Award Winning Producer and Engineer Mitch Dane) and “There to Here” (Produced/Engineered by Andy Hunt: Blake’s Acoustic release of 2009) The two albums sold over 15,000 Albums/Units: Independently. In this day and age that is no small feat. The buzz has begun for his next album and we are eager to see what’s next. “I wanted to get back to the basics. Instead of approaching this album for RADIO or for a certain outcome. I wanted to get friends together and make these songs come to life in the most real, organic setting that we could. We gathered at Sputnik Studios again, set a time limit, and tracked. I Love how raw and real it sounds. In a society of auto tune and live performance going down hill… this stands out from what is “NORMAL” now. As his fan base has now taken him globally, his writing and songs have matured even more. The songs on the new album are contrived of intoxicating melodies and music that can only be described by listening for yourself. With songs being played on XM Radio, Pandora, to performing at prestigious music conferences and venues all over the world, it seems this small town boy form Kansas. . . . is destined for greatness.

“Blake is super creative. His lyrics are mature and his melody engaging. Eveyday in the studio was a pleasure.”

—  Andy Hunt, Grammy-winning Producer

“Artists like Blake are a rare and wonderful find. His lyrics are relatable and poignant, the music and melodies are beautifully crafted and on top of that talent. He’s constantly writing great song after great song and I look forward to every Cd he puts out!”

Michelle Fragar , World Renowned Recording Artist & Worship Leader for Hillsong United

“It was a great pleasure getting to work with Blake in the studio. He quickly became one of my favorite artists to work with. His art is a complete reflection of his heart and that is one of integrity, honesty, full of life and love. I hope to have the chance to work with him again!”

—  Mitch Dane, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer