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Castaway: Week 2 Update

June 17, 2011 No comments yet


Wrapping up week 2 here at Castaway. It has been such an amazing month so far…. Tomorrow will mark the halfway point.
To all my new friends I have met here the last 2 weeks.. you guys/gals are fantastic. Thanks for your support, buying the albums, and showing love for the new songs :) Can’t think of a better time to intro new material than here at castaway. Please keep in touch, I love hearing your stories and hearing how things are going. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Live, Love, Enjoy the ride.

Blake Aaron Guthrie


YL Castaway 2011

June 2, 2011 No comments yet

Hey Friends,

I am gearing up to head back up to Detroit Lakes, MN for the Month of June. Last year. I had an amazing time and met some people who will be lifelong friends. Its going to be extra special this year for the fact that I will be incorporating new songs in to the mix and
I can’t wait to try them out for you guys! Hope to see you there and for those who won’t be there, I’ll miss ya.

Live, Love, Enjoy the ride,
Blake Aaron Guthrie

p.s  I posted a video from last years month at castaway. Click Below & Enjoy.

YL Castaway 2010

Done And DONE:

May 24, 2011 No comments yet


Im back in KS now, and to be honest last week was a blurr. Tracking 7 Songs in 4 days was crazy. I meant to have something posted every day but since we were doing so much I kind of dropped the ball. Sorry. Im SO excited with what we got laid down. I should have some rough mixes within the week, and I might post some clips of songs 1 or 2…. we will have to see I guess. :) But for now I will give you a quick clip of one. Here is a pic of a couple of the acoustics we used. VIBE.

I’ll be posting more very soon.
Live, Love, Enjoy the Ride.

Blake Aaron Guthrie


In The Studio: Nashville, TN: DAY 1

May 17, 2011 No comments yet

Work Station: DAY 1: Sputnik Studio Nashville, TN
Day 1 Here in Nashvegas. We Knocked out 7 Scratch trax in about 6 Hours. We are going to record all 7 tomorrow with the band. Good Times. I think you guys are going to love what we are cooking up. Stay tuned for more: Live, Love, Enjoy the ride

Blake Aaron Guthrie

New Website: New Album

May 15, 2011 1 comment

Welcome to the new Blake Aaron Guthrie site.
This has been neglected for far too long and what a perfect time to revamp it.  I’m leaving tomorrow to start recording the new album.. so I will post videos, pictures, and all the goodness from in the studio and where we are at with making the record. Take a look around and remember to keep checkin in. You all are amazing. Live, Love, Enjoy the ride.

Blake Aaron Guthrie

Kick Starter – Update

May 15, 2011 No comments yet

YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING: We reached the Minimum goal. REMEMBER THE MAIN GOAL IS 10-15K: So if your thinking… “wow he made it.. ill just wait till the album comes out”.. DON’T :) Take FULL ADVANTAGE of these wonderful Prizes and keep spreading the word. From the Bottom of my Heart: THANK YOU- Blake