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Summer & Updates: 5/8/12

Posted on May 7, 2012


Hope you all are doing just swell since the last time I posted.
Summer is upon us… literally, the heat and humidity of yesterday felt like
a thick coat … but i’m glad its summer. :) I sadly will not be doing Young Life
Camps this year for the first time in 3 years. As much as this saddens me I know
that all camps will be amazing and have amazing music… and I will hope to be
Seeing you all again next year! I will be taking a break this summer and looking forward
to the birth of our firstborn! Yes you read right, my wonderful wife and I will be having
a baby in August. I cannot tell you how excited I am about becoming a father and for this next
stage in life.

A couple things: THANKS for buying and pushing the album. You all are amazing, please
Keep spreading the word and telling your friends. “ALTA VISTA” is available on CD BABY and iTunes;

Secondly, I feel absolutely TERRIBLE that a part of my cd art was left out… some very
Important THANK YOU’s :

Nashville Sessions: Sputnick Studio: Songs 1-6 on “Alta Vista”
Electric Guitar: Andrew Osenga
Paul Eckberg: Drums
Gabe Anderson: Bass

Wichita Sessions: The Crash Site: songs 7-10 “Alta Vista”

Drums: Shawn Craven
Electric Guitar: Tyler Clarensau
Bass: Chris Harrington

Thank you all again for buying the album and for your support. I hope your school year ends awesome,
and your summer is even more.. awesome. Until Next time…

Live. Love. Enjoy the Ride,

Blake Aaron Guthrie


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